Near UltraViolet (NUV) Photoluminescence Silicon Carbide

Defect Inspection System

Comply with IEC63068-3 Standard:
Test method for defects using photoluminescence, Model VS-6845 SiC Wafer defect inspection system has capability on Non-destructive recognition criteria of defects in silicon carbide homoepitaxial wafer for power devices.

The system uses near ultraviolet photoluminescence (NUV-PL) technology to perform high-speed, high-sensitivity and non-destructive inspection for crystal defects which cannot be detected with conventional visible light surface inspection

High Sensitivity to defects on SiC Substrate and 4H-SiC Epitaxy wafer, especially yield-impacting defects, enabling enhanced quality control and fast root cause determination, to improve MOCVD process control.

The system accelerated deep learning with GPU and Artificial Intelligent software to classify the defect more accurately.

Our AI_DL Auto Classification software can run in offline and easy to use.

Inspection Capability